Kisima Child Care Academy and Orphanage

Timothy was a street boy..  9th grade  

Ezekiel's parents died in a motorbike accident.  7th grade

Rooney's father was killed.  His mother's family took her back home and left him with aged grandparents..  6th grade.



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Moses was found a doorstep.  7th grade.
Sammy’s parents committed suicide.  7th grade. 

Elizabeth's parents died in post-election violence.  8th grade.

Victoria was born out of wedlock and her mother was killed.  8th grade.

​Lydia was adopted by her grandmother who died of a long illness.  8th grade.

Erastus' parents died of AIDS and his grandmother could no longer care for him.  8th grade.

James' parents died in post-election violence.  9th grade.
Lucy’s father sold the family land and abandoned the family.  Her mother died a few years later.  9th grade.

Emmanuel's mother died and his father has been paralyzed for years. 11th grade.

Silas's parents and siblings died of AIDS.  12th grade.

Lina's parents died in post-election violence. 12th grade. 

Laurencia was born out of wedlock and then her mother died.  A well-wisher was taking care of her until the well-wisher became too old.  7th grade

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Monica's parents were killed in the 2008 post-election violence.  8th grade

Constant's father died before he was born.  His mother went to Saudi Arabia to work and has never been heard from since.  11th grade.