Kisima Child Care Academy and Orphanage

​     Kisima Child Care Academy was started by Martin and Margaret Simiyu in 2006.  Gerda Fink met Martin on a trip to Kenya in 2007 and became aware that he and his wife were attempting to care for the 83 orphans on their own.  At that time Kisima consisted of three mud classrooms. The children sat on the dirt floor for their lessons and slept four to a blanket. They walked a mile for water.  Gerda began raising money to help them in 2008 and in 2009 Denise Patton joined in the effort.  In 2012 Bonnie Lefbom came on a visit to Kisima and subsequently was instrumental in starting For The Kids International, Inc,, the 501(c)3 organization created to support Kisima and other organizations helping children around the world.  She is now President of FTKI and leads the effort in giving the deserving children at Kisima chance at a productive future.

     With the generous help of supporters, there are now eleven brick classrooms, two hand-dug wells plus a roof catchment system, cows and chickens.  The original boys' and girls' dorms were built in 2011 and the dining hall in 2012 thanks to the generosity of members of a family foundation from the Washington, D.C. area. Currently four acres are farmed for maize and beans and there are vegetable gardens and an area of fruit trees.  A new, larger girls' dorm was completed in August 2017.  The boys were able to spread out to both of the original, smaller dorms.

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