Kisima Child Care Academy and Orphanage

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Distribution of shoes, clothes, toothbrushes

A group of nine visitors from For the Kids International, Inc. visited Kisima for five days in early August.  It was good to see the children again and see them happy and thriving. We enjoyed their visit.. Our guests were happy to see the children again and see them happy and thriving. As usual, they came with the maximum number of fully loaded suitcases. Organizing and distributing 1000 lbs. of shoes, clothes, books, school supplies, etc., is a daunting task requiring all hands on deck. It was fun to see the happy faces as the children left with a new pair of shoes, a new item of clothing, new socks, and a new toothbrush.

Our guests brought Frisbees, jump ropes, and soccer balls so there was lots of outdoor play. Other activities including administering deworming medicine to the younger children, counseling the older kids on career choices and the importance of math and science, taking new photos of all the orphans and teachers, and distributing cards and gifts from sponsors. 

It was a busy, fun, and productive time for all!

august 2015 visit