Kisima Child Care Academy and Orphanage

Lydia was adopted by her grandmother who later died.  8th grade

Timothy was a street boy..  9th grade  

Ezekiel's parents died in a motorbike accident.  7th grade

James' parents died of post-election violence.  9th grade

Lucy's father abandoned the family and her mother died of AIDS.  9th grade


Elizabeth's parents died of post-election violence in Naivasha.  8th grade


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Derick was born out of wedlock and then his mother died.  7th grade.

​​Carean's parents died in post-election violence in Kisumu.  8th grade.

Hellen's parents died of AIDS.  8th grade.

​David was born out of wedlock and then his mother died.  9th grade.

Gloria's father died and her mother left.  10th grade.

Kevin's parents died in post-election violence.  11th grade.

Silas's parents and siblings died of AIDS.  12th grade.

Lina's parents died in post-election violence. 12th grade. 

Sammy's parents were both HIV positive and committed suicide from shame.  7th grade

Moses was found on a doorstep.  6th grade.

Erastus' parents died of AIDS and his grandmother could no longer care for him.  8th grade

Monica's parents were killed in the 2008 post-election violence.  8th grade